Welcome to Books and Beans
The former home of Wheelie Good Coffee!

If you were looking for good coffee, you’re still in the right place! A few updates recently have meant that Wheelie Good Coffee has evolved – again – and is now part of Books and Beans: a real, independent book store and coffee bar snuggled into the corner of Regina’s Centennial Market.


As you can see, we kept some ‘wheelie’ elements, made it even more Purple. We still do our signature pour-over coffees, but now we have an espresso menu too.

But best of all, your Wheelie Good Coffee now comes with a good book or two. Or hundred.

If you visit us for a coffee at Centennial Market, feel free to browse our selection of books! We have a special range of “Coffee Break Paperbacks” where one of these books and a regular coffee sets you back just $6. We also have a section dedicated to local authors, so you really can #readlocal too.

Ours is a very small operation for now, but there are so few new bookstores in Regina that we hope we can build it into something beautiful. We are also always looking for suggestions of what to stock and taking requests, so please come visit or drop us an email with your bookish wishlist!

The Beans element of Books and Beans is, of course, the coffee beans. I am still roasting the beans fresh every week, and I’ve even developed some new blends to suit our new venture!

Every time we venture into the Centennial Mall Market, we just HAVE to stop by and visit Annabel and enjoy one of her DELICIOUS pour-over coffees!!! Try it! You won’t regret it! It’s YUMMY!!!!!!!!!🤗☕️☕️☕️ – Rob

“Honestly, that was the FIRST cup of coffee that I DIDN’T need cream or sugar. It was AMAZING.” – Darcie

“Four bags of amazing coffee!!!!! Excited for real coffee! It’s Wheelie good! Anyone who enjoys a damn good cup should check it out!” – Erin

“A combination of fine coffee, at a competitive price, prepared fresh for you while you wait, and warm, friendly service provided by the knowledgeable staff (she has a PhD. in coffee) is the reason I buy my coffee almost exclusively from Wheelie Good Coffee.” – James


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