Centennial Market

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IMG_20180414_105340_730Centennial Market is housed up in the old Sears Warehouse building – which is a great new use of an play wheres the gold. I wasn’t sure whether to join this market at first because of time commitments, but I am very glad I did. We have been up there for six weeks now, and have constructed this rather rustic coffee bar up there. I am quite proud of it!

I actually had a hand in building it the bar too. In March, I attended a workshop on Tactical Urbanism, put on by the Warehouse District and Downtown Business Improvement Districts. It was fascinating – all about how to make urban centres more vibrant, and make city streets more liveable and walkable and creating places you actually want to spend time in, as opposed to areas you just commute through in a car without noticing. The bar came about because we were given old pallets and power tools (eep!) and encouraged to build ‘street furniture’. A bar was the obvious choice!
I asked what would happen to the bar after the workshop. There was a collective shrug. So now, the bar is my new “diYQR” coffee bar and makes a great little space for coffee in the Centennial Market!

The Wheelie Good Coffee bar is less Wheelie obviously, (and I do have to explain the name often) but it gives me a semi-permanent spot to do coffee year-round. Better still, I can also sell bags of my coffee beans up there too! We’re there Saturdays, 9am – 4pm so please come visit.


IF Spring/Summer ever arrives, we do still intend to do the Farmers’ Market outdoors on the plaza. Wheelie Good Coffee was designed to be outside and on the bike, and I don’t want to abandon that entirely. We’re still saving up for the new trike though! If winter continues much longer, we may well have the money before the snow melts anyway. Stay tuned for updates!