Books and Beans combined at last!

I have a bookstore!! Well, sort of. For a while, I was chatting to the owners of Flip Our Pages, a little book stall on Centennial Market. Sadly, they no longer have the time to run the book business on top of their own full time jobs and looking after their small daughter (oh how I can relate!). I couldn’t let that slide though, so we agreed that I’d try to run it and gradually buy it off them. I am so excited! I’ve always thought that coffee and books make a great combination, and having a bookstore-cafe has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. This one may be tiny (and for now, limited to weekends too), but hey, you have to start somewhere!

Fresh Coffee Locally-Roasted Beansand now, loads of books!

Make your way to the back of Centennial Market on Saturdays, where alongside your pourover coffee, you can now get new books too! I have a small selection of children’s books, nonfiction, cookbooks and craft books and some novels in hardback. There is also a stand full of ‘Coffee Break Books’ – just $6 will get you a new paperback book and a small coffee, so you can read while you sip! Coffee and Books make a great combination to my mind, so please come have a browse.

My own coffee books are available from there too, and my latest one will be for sale as soon as it comes out in a couple of months’ time. Yay! Keep an eye out for news on that one on my other site,


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