Looking ahead…

I posted a huge Thank You to everyone who came down to Centennial Market at the weekend, as we had an exceptionally busy day!

Lots of changes have been happening up there, and we’re very lucky to have some ‘prime real estate’ at the market now, right in the middle in our little wooden booth. I got a new batch of books in (including my own, of course!) and the ‘Books and Beans’ concept is growing all the time.


Even better, we are now open on Sundays! I have the help of Kacey, who is now our new barista and doing wonderfully at it. Sundays were made for coffee and reading, I believe.

In another bizarre series of events, I got myself invited to the Coffee Producers’ and Roasters’ Forum – in Guatemala City! I’m taking the whole family for a week of tropical adventures next May, and I cannot wait!

Otherwise, I am (as usual) full of mad schemes and over-ambitious ideas, and opportunity – if not knocks, has at least invited me for coffee. Watch this space!