Ethiopian Coffee – reading and roasting.

Most of my coffee adventures so far have been in South or Central America, but I've always known that coffee is native to Ethiopia. The worrying lack of genetic diversity in arabica coffee stems from the fact that virtually all the world's crops were cultivated from the same sources in Ethiopia, and then spread via … Continue reading Ethiopian Coffee – reading and roasting.

Coffee Producer and Roaster Forum

It has taken me two weeks to get a chance to write this blog - and it's going to be a long one because we had such an amazing time! A long time ago, Wheelie Good Coffee was randomly invited to the Producer and Roaster Forum in Guatemala City. The event was organised in part … Continue reading Coffee Producer and Roaster Forum

Books and Beans combined at last!

I have a bookstore!! Well, sort of. For a while, I was chatting to the owners of Flip Our Pages, a little book stall on Centennial Market. Sadly, they no longer have the time to run the book business on top of their own full time jobs and looking after their small daughter (oh how … Continue reading Books and Beans combined at last!

5 new Green Goings On

YUK. Take a guess at how many coffee cups are discarded in Canada every year? 1.6 BILLION Or over 4.3 million PER DAY. Those 'disposable' coffee cups usually end up in landfill, because, to keep them waterproof, they are lined with plastic. This means that they can't be recycled, and take an age to break … Continue reading 5 new Green Goings On

Roasting our way to new wheels!

As we near Wheelie Good Coffee's fourth birthday - which is, coincidentally, my birthday too - I think it is time to consider upgrading the cart. Mr. Coffee built the Wheelie cart trailer to go on the back of my bike, in our basement over the winter of 2014. Having built it, we then discovered … Continue reading Roasting our way to new wheels!